Saturday, October 15, 2011

This year went by quick

So here are some update of my life since I haven't been on in a while.

School: I only need 3 more classes until I get my AA in sociology which I will use to become an academic counsler. I want to help kids take school seriously and make good choices. My life would be a lot easier had I chosen to do better in school. I am applying to Cal State Long Beach and Cal State Dominguez Hills, because they are the closest, and also Cal State Fullerton.

Work: Well my last job only lasted like two weeks because he said I didn't have enough ex[experience as a waitress, yet he hired me knowing I had no experience. During our meeting he was saying that I did an awesome job and made the most tips and got the most compliments out of the whole mock service. Whatever. I am most likely, like 97% sure going to be working at Turners, which is an gun/fishing/outdoors store. Many of Joes friends work there and my friend Jen got me the job there. The only downside is it is in Pasadena, but we are going to carpool or I will take Joes car. Its still cheap with gas in his car. I will also be working no less than 36 hours which is awesome so I can save some money to pay for my many expenses and save to get a car.

Bradley: He just got a job at Micheals as a stock person so he works early in the morning lifting boxes and then goes home sleeps for a while and then goes to Coffee Bean if he works. At least its only 3 days a week otherwise he would be dead tired. His 21st birthday (woo woo) is in a month and one day and we are so excited. He wants me to take his bar hopping so we will probably go to either Fullerton or Long Beach but probably Fullerton because its cheaper. His birthday gift from me is going to Escape from Wonderland. Its a dance festival showing he haunted and creepy side of not looking forward to the creepy characters. I already saw the trailer and its a no go with the little twins. We are really excited its in two weeks.

Whiskey and Irie: Our little babies...brats as usual. Whiskey is getting huge but Irie has barely even grown. We let them outside with the door open more often now because that way they don't try to escape every chance they get. They are good other than that though. They just need shots and to get fixed soon.

Joe and I: Are awesome. Almost year anniversary and we are going to San Francisco which I am STOKED about. We are going for 3 days. In December we will be going to Big Bear also. =)

Well that is all for today. Going to start getting ready for the Variety show at the lodge...kind of scared.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

22...the start of a new year.

I haven't been on here in ages. So update of life. I have a wonderful and I mean wonderful boyfriend, who I love so much. He has done so much for me over the past 6 months and is supportive of everything I want to achieve and my lifestyle. I am going back to school this semester. I start on Monday. It has been pretty stressful though trying to transfer and get my classes I need. I have been going back and forth trying to get into two more classes that I need and it seems like they have made no progress at all. I am going back today so hopefully they will be able to put me into my 2 classes I have been waiting to get into.

I also am entering in the Cerritos teacher trac program. I will find out if I get in after the 19th of this month. I am excited to finally be so close to my career. I have lately been thinking about getting back into dance. We will see what happens.

I am now 22 years old...time flies. I had a wonderful birthday though and today I am getting a surprise night from Joe. I have been looking forward to it all week. Bradley actually did something for my birthday which I think is the first time in years. I had a lot of fun with him.

Monday, December 20, 2010

rain rain go away...

Ugh...rain straight for like 3 days already! I mean it is good and all for the earth but for me personally its not. Life...hectic to the max. Learned many lessons in less than a month. Over all the "college" activities and ready to become an adult. Need to put my life on track before I worry about others.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bye FJC!!!

So midterms just ended. I got a new job at the Hilton Hotel in Anaheim. I make smoothies and I really like it. I am almost done at Fullerton but I have come across a little missing piece my counselor conveniently forgot to tell me so I might ave to be there an extra semester =(. I am looking into Sacramento or my uncle offered me room and bored if I go to University of Vermont and they have a good bio department there. SO it could be a possibility.

I am also going to take referee classes so soccer season I can ref and get paid. Its a pretty cool thing to do and I have always wanted to do it.

Monday, October 18, 2010

New Hit Single Changed Man

This is my friend Marquis. Check out his facebook page if you like it! He's really talented!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The end of summer =(

So it didn't really seem like a summer break. After Spring semester ended I had summer school then I got out from class but still went to Fullerton in the morning to help out the basketball team. This semester I am taking Biology, philosophy, math and track classes. I already know I am going to die in track because I have not worked out in a loooooong time! Ugh.

So I did turn 21 a week ago. Nothing much happened on my birthday, but the day after I went to the casino and shopping with my grandma. It was alot of fun and defiantly made up for the day of my birthday. Tuesday I went to Disneyland with Bradley and it was super fun. I didn't really do anything else until Friday when I had a little kick back at my friends apartment. It was really fun and made my week.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So this week seemed to be a past friends week. I kept runnin or finding people I had known in the past who I was happy to have reconnected with them. Thats all I am going to say for tonight. I have another test tomorrow and plan to get another A. Haha. So goodnight Blogger!